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About Miris Spa 按摩 massage facial 銅鑼灣尖沙咀旺角荃灣

Miris Spa│Irreplaceable Massage Experience

Miris Spa is more than a place. It is an experience. Miris Spa improves health, beauty, and relaxation through a wide variety of personal massage therapies and facial treatments. Enjoy ultimate comfort and relief with a refreshing and relaxing massage therapy from Miris Spa.

Exclusive Massage│Signature Treatment

Miris Spa’s signature massage, Himalayan Salt Stone Body Massage, offers a combination of traditional massage technique and warm salt crystal stones from Himalayan Mountains. Himalayan Salt Stone Body Massage is an exclusive massage therapy in Hong Kong and becomes the most popular massage therapy in Miris Spa. Apple Daily reported Miris Spa’s Himalayan Salt Stone Body Massage in 2016. The media report gives recognition to Miris Spa’s massage skills and competencies.

Culture of Humility│Professional and Attentive Service

Miris Spa provides more than 30 massage therapies and facial treatments., including: Glacier Jade Stone Body Massage, Magnetic Meridian Body Massage, Aromatherapy Body Massage, Breast Meridian Massage and Postpartum Body Massage etc. Miris Spa’s masseuse uses traditional massage techniques and unique massage oil during the massage therapies. The most reputable therapies include: Himalayan Salt Stone Body Massage, Hot Stone Body Massage, Ginseng Body Massage and Bian Stone Body Massage. Treat yourself to a relaxing and nurturing massage and reap the benefits. Plan ahead to make a trip in Miris Spa.

Sincere Service│Serving from Our Heart

We exist to transform your day and enhance your sense of well-being, one service at a time. Slip into ultimate relaxation with one of Miris Spa’s Massage Therapies or Facial Treatments. Admirable, exclusive, gorgeous and sensual – the massage therapies or facial treatments experience at Miris Spa takes you on a journey through time like no other.

Convenient Location│Near MTR Station

Miris Spa is a haven of calm and serenity in the midst of the city’s bustle. When you search “Causeway Bay Massage”, “Tsim Sha Tsui Massage”, “Mong Kok Massage” and “Tsuen Wan Massage”, you can find lots of Miris Spa’s information. Conveniently located, Miris Spa is with just a few steps from MTR Station.