Chinese Herbal Fertility Massage Therapy

Support your fertility journey|Chinese Herbal Fertility Massage Therapy

Miris Spa Chinese Herbal Fertility Massage Therapy has numerous benefits for your reproductive health. The treatment includes Abdominal Meridian Massage, Bian Stone Moxibustion Womb Therapy, Chinese Herbal Mud Compress Therapy, and Far-Infrared Detox Therapy. To optimize your chances of a healthy pregnancy and create a fertile environment for a developing embryo.

Modern Chinese Regimen |Chinese Herbal Fertility Massage Therapy

Chinese Herbal Fertility Massage Therapy is a natural and effective way to boost the chance of pregnancy. According to Chinese medicine theories, the kidney governs Qi reception and provides energy to the body. Thus, tonify the kidney system and spleen can promote fertility. The Chinese Herbal Fertility Massage Therapy can achieve the purposes of nourishing the kidneys, which eventually improve the uterine function and implant the embryo.

Abdominal Meridian Massage | Getting ready for pregnancy

During the Abdominal Meridian Massage, our masseuse performs the unique form of remedial massage with the use of ginger root oil, to stimulate related acupuncture points of the abdomen. Meanwhile, the therapeutic nutrition of ginger root oil has a warming effect on the body, which helps increase the frequency of bowel movements and stimulates the blood flow. Having Abdominal Meridian Massage can expel the coolness of the body and ensure good energy circulation to the womb, which is an essential treatment for those who are planning a pregnancy.

Bian-Stone Moxibustion Womb Therapy | Womb and Fertility Cleanse

Bian-Stone Moxibustion is tonification treatments to help strengthen the immune system. Made with Bian stone, the warming moxibustion apparatus we use has healing effects towards the womb as it contains a variety of minerals that are essential for the human body and often lack intake. Moreover, the treatment included traditional Chinese medicine technique—Moxibustion—that warms regions and meridian points, which can improve the blood flow, to assist in the cleansing of the womb by getting rid of old stagnant blood.

Chinese Herbal Mud Compress Therapy | Keep Your Womb Warm

The herbal mud contains a variety of precious Chinese herbal extracts. Once the herbal mud has applied to the abdomen, the warmth will release to the body right away to improve the blood circulation and expel the coolness of the womb. Besides, the minerals of herbal mud perform a beneficial effect on assisting fertility. It regulates hormone balance, stimulates ovulation and improves egg quality, which helps you to prepare the body for pregnancy.

Far-Infrared Detox Therapy | Detoxify Your Body

Far-Infrared Detox Therapy is a gentle and effective way to cleanse the body. During the treatment, Far-Infrared is released to warm the body directly, which helps to remove toxins from the body through sweating. As soon as the toxins are flushed, the absorption of nutrients becomes better. Moreover, Far-Infrared is also aids in regulating the body temperature, to optimize hormone health and regulate ovulation.

Healing Benefits of Chinese Herbal Fertility Massage Therapy

Stimulate ovulation and improve egg quality
Boost fertility
Promote blood circulation and metabolism
Regulate the menstrual cycle
Promote detoxification
Tonify the kidney system and spleen
Enrich and engender the blood
Reduce water retention
Relieve menstrual cramps
Promote healthy hormone flow

Applicable to ladies, who may have:

Planning a pregnancy
Fertility problem
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Ovarian Failure
Low Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.