Detox Regimen Massage Therapy

Wisdom of Traditional Beauty Regimen | Detox Regimen Massage Therapy

Detox Regimen Massage Therapy includes “Ginseng Body Massage”, “Magnetic Guasha Therapy” and “Hot Stone Facial Massage”. It brings you a unique experience of relaxation and Oriental beauty regimen from head to toe, at the same time achieving the effect of beauty, detoxification, slimming, and regimen thoroughly.

Nourishing and Rejuvenation|Ginseng Body Massage

The ginseng massage oil chosen by Miris Spa is rich in saponins, various minerals and vitamins. With the advanced skills of the professional masseuse, the nutrients of
ginseng penetrate to your skin deeply, which is effective in removing body toxins, restoring skin elasticity and increasing your skin’s vitality. Moreover, with Miris Spa ginseng massage oil wrap, it can optimize the balancing effects of ginseng for your skin, thus the effects of activating skin cells, moisturizing your skin and reducing line cracks and wrinkles can be achieved.

Regulating Lymph Circulation|Magnetic Guasha Therapy

Combined with Oriental medical tradition and modern technology, Miris Spa’s Magnetic Guasha Therapy can regulate circular channel of collaterals and lymph circulation, detoxify pathogenic agents and improve immunity through warming and scraping of acupuncture points. Treated with Ginger Root Oil during guasha therapy, it is more effective in boosting metabolism, as well as relieving edema and muscle tension.

Face Lifting|Hot Stone Facial Massage

Hot Stone Facial Massage is a perfect combination of precious warm stones and professional massage techniques. Consisting of 26 kinds of minerals and nutrients, the volcanic hot stones can help you relieve tense muscles, improve blood circulation for removing obstruction in collateral, as well as firming and lifting your face, which brings you skin brightness and glamour.

Detox Regimen Massage Therapy|The Best Choice for Health Preservation

Traditional Oriental medicine put emphasis on the balance of your body’s energy system and the integration of regimen into daily life. Detox Regimen Massage Therapy provided by Miris Spa is the combination of Oriental culture; no matter the natural ginseng massage oil, the healing effect of guasha therapy or the firming and lifting effect brought by hot stone facial massage, this is an excellent treatment to achieve health and wellness.

Healing Benefits of Detox Regimen Massage Therapy

Improve sleep quality
Enhance skin elasticity
Relieve muscle tension
Face lifting and firming
Improve blood circulation
Improve physical weakness
Relieve edema and detoxification

Applicable to ladies, who suffer from/ care about:

Dull skin
Poor circulation
Immune disorder
Healthcare and wellness