Slimming Therapy-Magnetic Meridian Body Massage and Facial

Slimming Therapy-Magnetic Meridian Body Massage and Facial|Slim Down Your Body and Face

Slimming Therapy-Magnetic Meridian Body Massage and Facial is a full range of massage treatment that includes the body Massage and facial treatment. The technique of using Magnetic Massager involves the professional practice of our masseuse to relieve muscle tension and to reach through the meridians. With the trigeminal magnetic, the Magnetic Massager can help through the meridians and lymphatic drainage, to promote blood circulation and remove toxic substances from the body, which eventually helps to reshape the facial contours and slim down the body.

Magnetic Meridian Facial|Contour for a V-Shaped Face

Throughout the Magnetic Meridian Facial treatment, our masseuse performs the unique soothing Japanese massage technique with the manipulation of the Magnetic Massager. As the Magnetic Massager can effectively promote the activation of the cell by remote the magnetic stimulation, the Magnetic Meridian Facial treatment helps increases blood circulation and promotes Metabolism, to limit excessive water retention in skin tissue and prevent facial puffiness. Eventually, it results in youthful-looking skin with brightening up skin tone, restoring skin elasticity and tightening the face contours.

Magnetic Meridian Body Massage|Stimulates Movement of Lymph Fluids

The Meridian Pathways connect every part of the body, carrying the energy, blood, and fluids into and among the organs. Throughout the Magnetic Meridian Body Massage, the Magnetic Massager is being used to massage along the meridians of the body. As the Magnetic Massager contains a strong magnetic force, which can effectively remove wastes and excess water from the body and to reduce muscle fatigue. The treatment mainly focuses on improving body shape by burning fats, eliminating Edema, and loosening tight muscles.

Healing Benefits of Slimming Therapy-Magnetic Meridian Body Massage and Facial

Improve skin quality
(Lessen freckles, Reduce Wrinkle, Improve acne-prone skin, Brighten up skin tone, etc.)
Reshape and improve the facial contours
Promote detoxification
Relieve edema
Increase skin elasticity
Boost metabolism
Promote blood circulations
Stimulates movement of lymph fluids

Applicable to ladies, who may have:

Poor circulation
Tight muscles
Dull and Rought Skin
Poor circulation and metabolism
Spots and Patches

#Massage result would be different depending on your health and skin condition.
#Magnetic Massagers promote blood circulation for removing obstruction in collaterals. It is a normal phenomenon to appear pain, inflamed skin, bruises during/after the treatment