Cucumber Hydrating Facial Massage

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Soothing Allergy|Cucumber Hydrating Facial Massage

Miris Spa selects the highest-quality natural skin care ingredients; Cucumber Hydrating Facial Massage avoids the usage of any chemicals. With the exquisite technique of the professional beauticians, the nutrients of cucumbers could penetrate to the deepest level of your skin efficiently, which is effective in restoring the skin barrier, relieving allergy, deep moisturizing, thus achieving the effects of anti-aging and anti-wrinkles. Sunlight and high temperature difference between indoor and outdoor are the culprits of summer skin problems, including allergy and sunburn; this facial massage could help relieve those problems and bring you a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Cucumber Hydrating Facial Massage|Deep Moisturizing

Rich in vitamin C, amino acids and glycosaminoglycans, using cucumbers in facial massage could help soothe allergy, restore facial pores and relieve sunburnt redness. Its natural hydrating components are effective in deep moisturizing, healing dry and sensitive skin, and maintaining the water content of stratum corneum, which paves the path for a brighter and healthier skin.

Healing Benefits of Cucumber Hydrating Facial Massage:

Balance oil secretion
Soothe allergy and sunburn
Deep moisturizing
Repair fine lines
Boost skin metabolism

Applicable to men & ladies, who may suffer from/ care about:

Large pores
Dry skin
Inflammatory and sensitive skin
Overactive Sebaceous Glands

#The result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.


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