Magnetic Meridian Body Massage

Miris Spa日式磁叉經絡身體排毒護理 Magnetic Meridian Body Massage

Magnetic Meridian Body Massage|Promote blood circulation

Two-Leg or Three-Leg Fork Magnetic Massagers are used to allow the professional masseuse to work with your muscles easier. Magnetic Massagers contain magnetic force that naturally improves our blood circulation. It can penetrate the skin to eliminate physical and mental fatigue, edema and lymphatic obstruction.

Remove obstruction in collaterals|Magnetic Meridian Body Massage

During Magnetic Meridian Body Massage, professional masseuse uses Magnetic Massagers to boost your immune function, relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation for removing obstruction in collaterals. Magnetic Massagers help dilating blood capillaries, Magnetic Meridian Body Massage enhances the flow of blood and nutrients to cells and effectively stimulates different body acupressure points, hence promoting metabolism.

Healing Benefits of Magnetic Meridian Body Massage

Boost metabolism
Promote blood circulation for removing obstruction in collaterals
Relieve edema and detoxification
Stimulates movement of lymphatic fluid

Applicable to ladies, who may have:

Poor circulation
Tight muscles

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.
#Magnetic Massagers promote blood circulation for removing obstruction in collaterals. It is a normal phenomenon to appear pain, inflamed skin, bruises during / after the treatment.


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