Yu Yang Guan Guasha Therapy

Miris Spa御陽罐溫疚無痛刮痧療程 Yu Yang Guan Guasha Therapy

Yu Yang Guan Guasha Therapy|Chinese Traditional Therapy

The goal of healthcare in accordance to the Chinese medicine theory is that “pains disappear when channels are dredged, and appear when not”. Treated with the Yu Yang Guan to circular channel of collaterals and improves immunity. Combined with the traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine technology, Yu Yang Guan Guasha Therapy can improves disease resistance, prevent from illness, and prolong life for regular use.

Prevent From Illness|Yu Yang Guan Guasha Therapy

Yu Yang Guan contains two sorts of physical energies’ heat and infrared ray. They are delivered by channels and penetrates through tissues, can reach deeply into various parts of the body to ensure the efficiency to body inside. It is indicated that warming and scraping of relevant acupuncture points can achieve assistant treatment effects on relief of headache and megrim, insomnia, pains of the shoulders, the nect, the waist and the back.

Guasha Therapy Miris Spa Yu Yang Guan Guasha Therapy
Tools Spoon, Specie, Horn Yu Yang Guan
Pain Index
Target Not suitable for sensitive skin and thin skin Suitable for all skin types
Paracmasis Around 1-2 weeks Within 1 week
(Depends on masseuse’s strength)

(Average strength)
Miris Spa: Yu Yang Guan Guasha Therapy

Choose 1 out of 4 parts of your body:
(1) Neck & Shoulder
(2) Back
(3) Abdomen
(4) Thigh & Calf

Healing Benefits of Yu Yang Guan Guasha Therapy

Boost immunity
Eliminate dampness and dredge channels
Promote blood circulation for removing obstruction in collaterals
Relieve edema and detoxification
Relieve muscle tension and pain
Relieve rigidity of muscles and activating collaterals

Applicable to ladies, who may :

Have cold hands and feet
Have poor circulation
Have Weak immune system
Promote good health and longevity

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.


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