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Natural Slimming Postpartum Massage Therapy

Miris Spa天然香薰修身按摩


– Professional massage therapy helps postpartum mothers quickly restore their healthy shape
– Bamboo Body Massage helps to improve body detoxification and boost metabolism
– Tummy Massage with Ginger Oil can remove pathogenic agents and body fats
– No adverse impact on breastfeeding


– Bamboo Body Massage / Tummy Massage with Ginger Oil (Choose 1 out of 2)
– Kampo Tummy Massage
– Body Shaping Massage
– Head Massage
– Kampo Breast Massage
– Hydrating and Firming Facial Massage

Bamboo Body Massage

With the use of bamboo, the professional massage technique of Miris Mama helps you to relieve body aches and fatigue. Bamboo is specifically effective in improving body detoxification, boosting metabolism, and regulating lymph circulation, which helps postpartum mothers quickly get back in healthy shape.

Tummy Massage with Ginger Oil

With the unique ginger oil chosen by Miris Mama and the exquisite massage technique, this tummy massage could help improve blood circulation, soothes constipation, abdominal distension, etc., as well as removing pathogenic agents and body fats.

Kampo Tummy Massage

Poor circulation is usually an issue faced by women after delivery. With the use of traditional Kampo method, this tummy massage could help regulate the blood circulation of the abdomen, improve gastrointestinal health and relieve edema.

Body Shaping Massage

During pregnancy, muscle becomes slack easily. This massage could help postpartum mothers quickly restore their healthy shape, and achieve abdomen, buttocks and thighs slimming down.

Head Massage

Exhaustion, stress, menstruation, nsomnia, etc. could all be the causes of headache. The professional masseurs of Miris Mama help you soothe the discomforts brought by headache and relieve pressure, thus improving the quality of sleep.

Kampo Breast Massage

Breast massage therapy is a wellness treatment for ideal breast health, which is effective in promote the secretion and activation of hormones, lifting up and firming of breast, reduce armpit fat and improve chest contour.

Hydrating Facial Massage

After cleansing and exfoliation, this facial massage will finish with a hydrating mask, which deeply moisturizes your skin and maintain the water content of stratum corneum, making your skin brighter and healthier.

Applicable to ladies, who are:

Postpartum women

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.
#Applicable to new mother who gave birth in three months ago or gave birth by caesarean section in six months ago


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