Postpartum Abdominal Reshape Massage

Postpartum Abdominal Reshape Massage|A Smooth Postpartum Recovery Journey

Miris Mama’s Postpartum Abdominal Reshape Massage is the perfect therapy for mind and body recovery after pregnancy. The massage includes three parts: Magnetic Meridian Drainage Massage, Body Resculpt Detox Massage, and Postpartum Abdominal Binding. The massage has numerous benefits towards the body, such as eliminate edema, relieve muscle fatigue and reshape the body. To provide all-rounded support for every postpartum mother and assist their body recovery.

Magnetic Meridian Drainage Massage|Boost Your Metabolism

Throughout the Magnetic Meridian Drainage Massage, the microcurrent body slimming brush is used to stimulates the acupuncture points of the abdomen. During the massage, you will feel a warm sensation on the surface on your body as the microcurrent is released through the brush, which can effectively dredge the meridians and the lymph. The Magnetic Meridian Drainage Massage can eliminate Edema and toxins of the body, to boost nutrient absorption and improve breastfeeding.

Body Resculpt Detox Massage|Accelerate Fat Burn

Body Resculpt Detox Massage is an effective therapy for postpartum mothers to slim down after pregnancy. The essential oil we use is organic and pure extractions from plants, which is safe and non-allergenic for the breastfeeding mother to use, it can assist with blood circulation and detoxification. During the massage, our experienced masseuses complement a variety of massage techniques, such as pushing, pressing and lifting, to sooth with a pleasurable warmth to the abdominal and accelerate the fat burn.

*The body part of receiving Fat Burning and Body Shaping Massage could be selected according to individual needs (choosing 1 out of 4)
(1) Waist and Abdomen (2)Thigh (3)Shank (4)Hip
Postpartum Abdominal Binding|Postpartum Abdominal Recondition

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles were stretch over the uterus to support the embryo, and abdominal wall separation often occurs during postpartum. Postpartum Abdominal Binding is a safe and effective therapy to make sufficient physical recovery after birth. The cotton cloth contains a variety of natural herbs such as mint, seaweed, and melanocyte. Incorporates with appropriate binding pressure, the treatment helps to boost the metabolism and correct abdominal muscles and tighten the loose skin after pregnancy. To assist you in regaining abdominal function after giving birth.

Healing Benefits of Postpartum Abdominal Reshape Massage

Reduce Edema
Improve physical strength
Relieve muscle fatigue
Promote elasticity and tighten loose skin
Recover sore abdominal muscles
Accelerate fat burn

Applicable to postpartum mother, who concerns:

Postpartum belly firming
Postpartum weight loss
Postpartum swelling
Postpartum fatigue
Postpartum recovery

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.
#Applicable to new mother who gave birth in three months ago or gave birth by caesarean section in six months ago.