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Postpartum Body-Sculpting and Skin Tightening Massage

Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy|Postpartum Body-Sculpting and Skin Tightening Massage

Postpartum Body-Sculpting and Skin Tightening Massage consists of “Magnetic Meridian Drainage Massage”, “Fat Burning and Body Shaping Massage” and “Belly Binding Therapy”, which is the best massage therapy to help restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition.

Postpartum Detoxification and Regimen | Magnetic Meridian Drainage Massage

With the use of the microcurrent magnetic meridian brush, Miris Mama’s professional masseuses can accurately stimulate the acupuncture points over your body through the massage. Unique meridian drainage benefits include lymph regulation, improved blood circulation and reduced swelling, which help to improve postpartum health problems and physical weakness; meanwhile accelerating detoxification, relieving back pain and muscle fatigue and improving breastfeeding.

Ward Off Extra Pounds | Fat Burning and Body Shaping Massage

The unique and skillful massage technique from the masseuse of Miris Mama helps you restore your body shape by speeding up subcutaneous fat burning, especially the parts that extra fat accumulated easily after pregnancy. Together with the high-quality natural massage oil which not only release physical toxins, but also improve blood circulation, thus achieving the effect of fat burning and body shaping.

*The body part of receiving Fat Burning and Body Shaping Massage could be selected according to individual needs (choosing 1 out of 4)
(1) waist and abdomen (2) thigh (3) shank (4) hip
Tightening Loose Skin| Belly Binding Therapy

It is normal for women to have stretched and saggy skin after giving birth. The elastic fiber belly binder used in the therapy contains high concentrations of mint, seaweed, sphagnum and other natural nutrients. Binding your belly with the professional technique of the masseuse moderately and accurately, the rich nutrients inside of it can penetrate to your skin, which is effective in activating skin cells, rejuvenating loose skin, relieving swelling and stretch marks. As a result, the therapy can help you tighten and tone your way to a curvy body figure.

Postpartum Body Contouring and Tightening Treatment | The Best Postnatal Care

Postpartum Body Contouring and Tightening Treatment provided by Miris Mama is a perfect combination of professional massage therapy and modern technology, which offers all-round support to new mothers in the process of recovery and restoration. By easing problems faced by mothers such as postpartum obesity, swelling, physical weakness, muscle fatigue, loose belly, stretch marks, etc., this treatment helps mothers to restore their fitness and wellness.

Healing Benefits of Postpartum Womb Massage Therapy

Reduce swelling and postpartum slim-down
Improve postpartum physical weakness
Tighten postpartum loose skin
Relieve postpartum fatigue
Enhance recovery after pregnancy
Relieve stretch marks

Applicable to postpartum women, who suffer from/ care about:

Weight loss after pregnancy
Postpartum body shaping
Body aches caused by pregnancy, childbirth and baby care

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.
#Applicable to new mother who gave birth in three months ago or gave birth by caesarean section in six months ago


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