Postpartum hair loss and body care combination treatment

Postpartum hair loss and body care combination treatment

What causes postpartum back pain?

Obstetrician pointed out that during pregnancy, the mother spine and intervertebral discs are under extreme pressure to support the weight of the fetus. The intervertebral discs may be unevenly compressed, resulting in disc herniation, Sciatica, lower back pain, numbness and cramps in the feet.

After delivery, the bending and baby lifting (and rocking) you are doing around the clock now may cause you to suffer from postpartum back pain. Because of the hormonal changes, role change, challenges in baby care and family problems, mothers could have a higher risk of suffering from mood disorders and postpartum hair loss. That is call “postpartum tiredness” (remark1).

To fix the afterbirth problems, Miris Mama launched Postpartum hair loss and body care combination treatment, which includes three massage therapies: Acupressure Points for Hair Loss, Prevent Tendon sheath massage, and Lower back muscle relaxation massage. Improve postpartum hair loss, protect tendon inflammation stretching to improve flexibility, relax deep fascia and prevents lumbar disc herniation, restore energy and strength after delivery.

Female pattern hair loss|Acupressure Points for Hair Loss

Reasons that cause postpartum hair loss: hormonal imbalance, postpartum anaemia, mental stress, etc.

Even though it is normal that women’s hair will thin out after pregnancy. However, it definitely affected the outlook of you. Miris Mama has treatments that you could try to make your hair appear fuller and healthier.

Miris Mama’s professional Therapist precisely stimulates the hair growth points on the head. The professional scalp massage therapy promotes blood circulation in the head, conducive to hair growth, prevents hair loss, relieve hormonal imbalances and mental stress, etc.

Prevent Tendon sheath massage|Wrist pain

You might hold a baby incorrectly or do repetitive-stress activities causing wrist numbness, soreness, and pain. If you massage yourself or wear a wrist brace, it may cause more severe wrist pain, inflammation of the periosteum, or poor blood circulation. Therefore those are not recommended by the doctors. The treatment for tendon sheath inflammation focuses on reducing inflammation and pain. One strategy is to rest the affected area and stop the activities that caused the initial injury.

Lower back muscle relaxation massage|Acupressure points for Lower back

It is easy to feel “postpartum tiredness” after birth. During pregnancy, the body makes several hormones that loosen joints and ligaments—leading to instability and more frequent injuries. It takes months for the new mom to recover from it. Chinese doctors say that the longer you rest in the wrong ways, the more you hurt your inner body. The “Lower back muscle relaxation massage” is the emergency treatment for women who gave birth after a month. It helps to promote blood circulation, acupressure points pressing and relieving back pain and muscles tenses.

Healing Benefits of the treatment

Postpartum hair loss
Postpartum insomnia
Postpartum anaemia
Postpartum back pain
Decreased immunity after delivery
Hormonal imbalance after childbirth

Applicable to ladies, who may have

Tendon sheath
Postpartum insomnia
Postpartum hair loss

#Massage result would be different depending on your health and skin condition.
#Suitable for new mother who has natural childbirth or caesarean section in one month ago, postpartum hair loss and Postpartum fatigue.

Remark1: “Postpartum tiredness” means the negative effects appear afterbirth for body and mind. For body, it including but not limited to herniated disc, sciatica, back pain, feet numbness and cramps. For mind, it includes hormonal imbalance, overwhelmed pressure causing immunity decreased.