Postpartum Lactation Breast Massage


Make Breastfeeding Easy | Postpartum Lactation Breast Massage

According to pediatricians, breast milk is the best source of natural nutrition for infants. However, the health condition of mothers and aspects of daily life, like work, diet and stress, can be the factors affecting breastfeeding, which lead to blocked ducts and low breast milk supply. In order to prevent your baby from missing a single feeding in this crucial growth stage, Postpartum Lactation Breast Massage of Miris Mama could help you regulate chest lymph circulation and clear blocked ducts by the unique method adopted by the professional masseuse from Miris Mama, as well as prevent mastitis and low breast milk supply.

Besides the above healing benefits of breastfeeding, Miris Mama’s postpartum breast massage therapy is also effective in improving breasts ptosis, nipple retraction, breast lumps and other symptoms, as a result retaining pert, firm and beautiful breasts naturally.

Postpartum Lactation Breast Massage| Best Therapy of Lactation Enhancement

Besides having a delicate light scent and fine texture, the natural almond massage oil used by Miris Mama is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and eczema-prone skin. With Miris Mama’s professional massage skills, the nutrients of almond massage oil, including vitamin E, minerals, protein, etc., could penetrate and nourish your skin deeply, which is effective in diminishing chest wrinkling, eliminating redness, dryness and soothing of your breasts and relieving mastitis. Thus, Miris Mama’s postpartum breast massage therapy is exclusive for postpartum and breastfeeding mothers since it is the most effective remedy for firming and reshaping sagging breasts naturally.

Healing Benefits of Postpartum Lactation Breast Massage

Relive mastitis
Clear blocked ducts
Increase low milk supply
Improve sagging breasts
Prevent breast lumps and hyperplasia

Applicable to postpartum women, who suffer from/ care about:

Chest pain and swelling

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.
#A little amount of breast milk leakage is a natural phenomenon after the Postpartum Lactation Breast Massage therapy.


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