Exclusive Pregnancy Massage Therapy


Exclusive Pregnancy Massage Therapy | Best Remedy for Pregnancy Pains and Discomforts

Exclusive Pregnancy Massage Therapy includes “Pregnancy Body Massage”, “Pregnancy Hot Stone Foot Massage” and “Relieving Sciatic Nerve and Back Pain Therapy”. With long-term professional experiences in pregnancy massage, the professional masseuse from Miris Mama could help you to relieve body aches, discomforts and stress during pregnancy, as well as to comfort mothers and babies peacefully.

Maintain Physical and Emotional Well-being during Pregnancy|Pregnancy Body Massage

During pregnancy, the weight and pressure that the mother’s body withstands increase constantly, which may leads to fatigue and emotional instability easily. Pregnancy Body Massage helps mothers adapt to both physical and mental changes during pregnancy, relieve the tension in neck, back and limbs, overcome physical and mental fatigue, improve the quality of sleep, as well as improving the psychological health of mothers and babies

To provide comfortable massage experiences for pregnant women, the professional pregnancy massage table used by Miris Mama is customized for you, which is able to safely support mothers and babies with the special design and allow pregnant women to lie comfortably with the face down; as well as ensuring all the pregnancy massage could comfort mothers and babies peacefully.

Alleviate Foot Pain and Muscle Tension|Pregnancy Hot Stone Foot Massage

During pregnancy, the constantly increasing body weight causes mother’s legs to be under great pressure, which leads to cramps frequently, thus increasing the risk of postpartum varicose veins. With the use of warm hot stones, this pregnancy massage is effective in improving blood and lymph circulation, eliminating edema and toxins from the body, as well as relieving leg pain and discomforts.

Eliminate Back Pain and Swelling|Relieving Sciatic Nerve and Back Pain Therapy

During pregnancy, the size of both fetus and uterus increases gradually, so do the weight and pressure of the mother’s waist, spine and back withstand, which cause the pain in back and sciatica nerve, affecting the quality of sleep and daytime activities. The professional masseurs from Miris Mams could help pregnant women to eliminate back pain and discomfort, relieve muscle tension in sciatic nerve and back and prevent lumbar lateral shift.

Your Best Pregnancy Companion|Exclusive Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Miris Mama believes that every mother and baby deserves the best care possible, thus it is the best and all-rounded massage therapy which is effective in providing a soothing effect to mothers and babies, and let babies to grow healthily at the same time.

Healing Benefits of Professional Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Relieve body aches during pregnancy
Relieve foot cramps during pregnancy
Improve insomnia and quality of sleep
Relieve emotional instability and stress
Relieve discomforts of pregnancy and edema
Relieve pain in back and sciatica nerve during pregnancy

Applicable to pregnant women, who suffer from/ care about:

Foot cramps
Varicose veins
Muscle tension and fatigue

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.
#Applicable to mothers-to-be who have been pregnant for 12 weeks