Professional Pregnancy Massage Therapy– Exclusive for Breastfeeding

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Professional Pregnancy Massage Therapy|Start your breastfeeding preparation massage from pregnancy

Professional Pregnancy Massage Therapy can help every mother to prepare the body for breastfeeding. This treatment is recommended for pregnant women who have plans for breastfeeding, and it includes Pregnancy Body Relaxing Massage, Breast Swelling and Tenderness Relief Therapy, and Exclusive Pregnancy Himalayan Salt Stone Foot Massage. Assist by our highly experienced pregnancy massage therapists, the massage work effectively with preventing breastfeeding issues like breast soreness and mastitis, and helps to increase the breast milk supply.

Pregnancy Body Relaxing Massage|The Best Natural Way to Cope With Fatigue

During pregnancy, the transformation of body and mind brings various burdens to the mother’s body, such as the neck, back, leg, and sciatic pain. Pregnancy Body Relaxing Massage can provide special care to mother by maintaining a healthy pregnancy and ensuring the fetus develop healthily. We provide the massage table that is specially designed for pregnant women, to allow the front-lying position for pregnant women during massage and maximize the effectiveness of the massage. To ease muscle tension, eliminate physical and mental fatigue and improve sleep quality.

Breast Swelling and Tenderness Relief Therapy | Make Breastfeeding Easier

Breastfeeding is the most precious gift a mother give to her baby. Breast Milk provides the ideal nutrition for babies, it contains important antibodies and white cells from the mother’s blood. However, many mothers are experiencing difficulties during breastfeeding, such as blocked duct, low breast milk supply, breast engorgement, and Mastitis. Therefore, pregnant women should get their body ready for breastfeeding during their pregnancy. During the breast massage, our massage therapist will perform a safe massage technique, to relieve the pain caused by breast pain and soreness during pregnancy and to stimulate breast milk production.

Exclusive Pregnancy Himalayan Salt Stone Foot Massage | Stop Feet From Swelling While Pregnant

During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, the fetus will turn in a downward position and the abdomen drops, and symptoms such as swollen and cramps of the feet are gradually apparent. The Salt crystal stones from the Himalayan Mountains used by Miris Mama contains 84 mineral elements required by pregnant women. During the foot massage, the minerals will penetrate the skin through the use of natural massage oils, to stimulate blood circulation, reduce swelling, and remove toxins from the body. The massage eventually helps relieve the pain and pressure on the foot and minimize varicose veins after pregnancy.

Healing Benefits of Professional Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Relieve body aches and pains during pregnancy
Eliminate Breast discomfort during pregnancy
Relieve backache during pregnancy
Lessen insomnia during pregnancy
Reduce cramps and Edema during pregnancy
Cope with various types of physical discomfort during pregnancy

Applicable to pregnant women, who suffer from/ care about:

Blocked ducts and Mastitis
Breast pain and soreness
Backache during pregnancy
Muscle Fatigue during pregnancy

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.
#Applicable to mothers-to-be who have been pregnant for 28 weeks


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