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Organic Coconut Oil Body Massage

Miris Spa有機初榨椰子油全身按摩 Organic Coconut Oil Body Massage

Organic Coconut Oil Body Massage|Natural Whitening

Organic coconut oil has been in use as massage oil for centuries as it has great anti-microbial properties. When coconut oil is applied on skin, it helps skin get rid of harmful bacteria, enhance the tightness of cells and activate skin cells. Organic coconut oil includes Lauric acid which especially effective for fasting triggers stem cell regeneration, boost metabolism and restore depleted minerals to the skin, thereby softening and moisturizing it.

Anti-Inflammatory|Organic Coconut Oil Body Massage

Professional masseuse uses traditional massage techniques with palm, thumb and forearm to optimize penetration of the organic coconut oil into the skin. Coconut oil takes 5-10 minutes to absorb into the skin, which leaves silky smooth skin. When coconut oil is absorbed into the skin and into the cell structure of the connective tissues, it helps to keep skin strong and full of moisture, prevent sagging and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Healing Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil Body Massage

Flatten and remove deep scars and pox
Reduce inflammation
Remove pregnancy stretch marks
Restore depleted minerals to the skin, thereby softening and moisturizing it

Applicable to ladies, who may have:

Poor circulation
Cold hands and feet
Tight muscles
Physical and mental fatigue
Tendon pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other chronic diseases

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.


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