Magnetic Lymphatic Foot Massage

Miris spa leg日式磁叉通淋巴瘦腿療程 Magnetic Lymphatic Foot Massage
Magnetic Lymphatic Foot Massage|Boost Fat-Burning

There are four major factors that cause “Thick Legs”. These factors are Hereditary, Muscle, Fat and Edema. Magnetic Massagers contain magnetic force that naturally improves our blood circulation. Professional masseuse uses Magnetic Massagers and traditional massage technique to boost metabolism, relieve muscle tension and slim down your legs.

Slim Down Your Legs|Magnetic Lymphatic Foot Massage

During Magnetic Lymphatic Foot Massage, professional masseuse uses Magnetic Massagers to boost the fat-burning, relieve edema and detoxification and enhance the flow of blood and nutrients to cells effectively. The magnetic force of Magnetic Massagers helps you to get rid of varicose veins, edema and saggy skin.

Healing Benefits of Magnetic Lymphatic Foot Massage

Boost fat-burning
Slim down your legs
Relieve edema and detoxification
Get rid of varicose veins, edema and saggy skin

Applicable to ladies, who may have:

Dredge channels、
Lower body edema
Saggy skin
Thick legs (caused by: Hereditary, Muscle, Fat, Edema)
Varicose veins

# Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.
# Magnetic Massagers promote blood circulation for removing obstruction in collaterals. It is a normal phenomenon to appear pain, inflamed skin, bruises during / after the treatment.


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